when i’m not blogging….

wishing upon the stars
[courtesty of e.r.l/erlindsey (me)]

Honestly, if I’m not blogging, I’m either studying Korean, creating my thought/quote imageries, or doing something else. Instead of sharing my mopiness this early morning, I decided to share my creative side with everyone [especially the 3 followers that I have….thanks luvvies!]

I don’t post or create these imageries everyday. It depends on the mood that I’m in or whatever I’m feeling. It’s very rare that you’ll get a lovey dovey type one because that’s not how I am. All of my thought/quotes and poems are very raw and unfiltered.

i actually don’t mind people reblogging, reposting, or sharing my imageries as long as I’m properly credited for it. Its not only uploaded to my Instagram, but I also have it on my tumblr and a facebook page. So, I encourage y’all to check it out and tell me what ya think.

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