Excusable folks

I can’t stand people who are full of excuses.

I just can’t.
I understand that sometimes you get a curve ball in life, like getting swamp ass or something. But, not coming to work because of some stupid decisions you made is…stupid.
Not saying that everyone should be like me, but if you work a job or multiples and you get a cheque from said job, then treat it like a job.

I don’t understand folks that complain about their cheque, but won’t come in to do work. Like, fucking really? It’s 8 AM and I’m just…..phbbt fucking annoyed. Not to mention that we’re already short staffed. It must be a breeze to take off work to do whatever you want because “so-so is going to be there.”  I wonder what that feels like. 

A rational person would say, “Um, why don’t you talk to your bosses about this?” Been there, done there, nothing really happened. I can continually say that I don’t care, but I do due to the fact that I’m obviously frustrated….I’m so sick of this bullshit. I love my job, but if I had to pick who I could work with, it wouldn’t be this person. Why continue to work here if you don’t really want to be here? Head scratch moment.

Another thing that pisses me off royally….”Oh, I needed family time. I need to be around my family.” Ummmm….I have a family. I’ve got kids. My kids are younger than…yours. Now, I’m not referring to death in the family type situations, but situations where “I’m gonna just hang you out to dry because I’m taking my boy to the park” type of situations. I make sacrifices with my family time to go to work. I had the flu: went to work ’til my boss told me to stay at home. Injured my foot: came to work. Allergic reaction: came to work. I have a fucked up knee right now and you bet your ass that I still show up for work. I can have a shitty day, bam, I’m at work. There have been days where I felt like I was dying from being cut up on the inside, yet I still came to work. Again, I’m not saying be me, but I am saying, have some fucking intergrity.

Now, looking at this, some may say: “Hey, you’re being a bit irrational. That person may be going through some issues that you’re unaware of.” I would believe that if said person isn’t on social media posting pics of their family time. That’s an excuse. I’m going through stuff right at the moment, however, I STILL GO DO MY JOB.






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