welcome, welcome, and welcome some more.

This is my second blog and more personal blog given that I’m a very private person.
One could say, why not just write in a diary? Well, in a sense, I kind of am. Just a techy none. Why not just vent or talk to someone? See, that makes sense…However, I’m so complicated that I can’t bring myself to do so. I have trust issues…baaaaaaad. After many hard learned lessons, I don’t trust people with the sensitive side of me. Yes, I’ve cried in front of people and vented frustrations that they happened to witness, but I never go past that.

I write all the time. I’m thinking all the time. And I’m usually online…all the time.

So, what’s the meaning of my title Behind My Smile? Well, I felt that it suited me because I could smile at a person and carry on about my day while literally falling apart. I always tell myself that I’ll be fine yet letting the stress of everything manifest into physical pains.

Even though, I can’t bring myself to have these conversation with those that I do know. I just rather have it with strangers in the interweb that’ll never read this anyways.